This part of our site is for fans of foreign clubs interested in knowing about the football team from Saint-Petersburg. Glad to see you on our pages!!!

Information about Saint-Petersburg, maps of the city and subway, hotels, visas, weather, and so on youll find at the city's official site. Everything we want to say is that your visit to Saint-Petersburg will be really unforgettable! So you are welcome!

Official information about FC Zenit, players, history and so on youll find here.

Our home arena - Petrovsky Stadium - is located on the Petrogradskaya side of the city on a small island in the Malaya Neva River, just a few meters from its right bank. It is connected with the mainland by a broad permanent bridge.

The stadium's capacity is 22,259 spectators. Home games are normally played at 5 p.m. on weekends and 7 p.m. on workdays.

You can easily reach the stadium from the Sportivnaya metro station situated nearby. Metro stations Vasileostrovskaya, Chkalovskaya, Petrogradskaya and Gorkovskaya are also not far away: click here to see the map.

13 and 14 sectors of the stadium are the fans zone. Away fans usually locating in 4th or 5th sectors (in cases when away mob is really big) or on the top of the 6th sector with police around. But wherever youll stay police will be always around :) And dont forget, no one canceled ACAB rule :) So we recommend you to come to the stadium about 1 hour before the game.

Zenit have a lot of organized groups of fans with different beliefs. Some of us preferred Italian model, others British, some likes troubles, some not :) Casual culture is also popular. Despite differncess of views there are a lot of people who wants to combine best of all listed cultures.

Our photos youll find on this page.

Were will be glad to see you at the English part of Forum.

Welcome to Saint-Petersburg!!!

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